Welcome to Wakanda!

The City School is excited to announce the opening of our new conference and meeting room, The Wakanda Room! This addition to our space is particularly exciting since it marks the first major renovation to our home in Upham's Corner since we moved here over a decade ago.
The Wakanda Room will serve a meeting and gathering room for both City School youth and staff, as well as our partner organizations, allowing us to better support our vision of offering space to grassroots organizations doing critical work for social justice. 
The Wakanda Room is named from the Omaha nation tradition meaning "possesses magical power." It is also named after the comic book fictional nation Wakanda, where the superhero "The Black Panther" is from. We name this room Wakanda in the tradition of magic and visionary fiction, embracing the power of imagination and creativity that comics and other fictional worlds offer to our racial justice work. 
In conjunction with this exciting development, The City School is also looking for new tenants to share space with us! We are looking for individuals or organizations to join our co-working space, and have rental options available on a sliding scale for both desks and offices. Please e-mail Myriam at myriam@thecityschool.org if you or an organization that you know might be interested.