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September 2015 - Jonathan Mendoza (SLP '14) Performs Brown Boy, White Boy

Jonathan Mendoza (SLP '14), staff member in SLP 2015, performs Brown Boy, White Boy at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, CA.

April 2014 - Young People's Message to the Superintendent Search Committee

A search committee is picking the next Superintendent of Boston Public Schools, a decision that will impact the lives of young people across the city. Watch YOUNG (Youth Organizers United for the Now Generation)'s video message.

March 2014 - Youth Affordabili(T) Coalition (YAC) rally against the MBTA

The City School joined over 100 youth and adult allies across Boston for YAC's March for the Youth Pass. Learn more about YAC's work in this video!

February 2014 - Sweet Honey In The Rock - Ella's Song

The City School held an Inter-generational Music Night to Sweet Honey on the Rock on March 2, 2014. Watch a past performance from the group in this video.

January 2014 - Young Achievers March for Chinatown Library

2nd Graders from the Young Achievers School (a core partner) marched with Chinese Progressive Association in support of a library in Chinatown library this week, chanting, "Books, access, fairness! We're marching to raise awareness! Millions for Copley, but Chinatown - no library!!"

November 2013 - Beantown Society's Curley Project

Watch the video of the Curley Project, led by our partner organization Beantown Society, which was the inspiration for annual Challenge Day Retreats with the Young Achievers School.

October 2013 - What Is Change?

Watch The City School graduatess Neptopha Jean, Royal Nunes, Beatriz Rivera, Jeremy Gomes, Elsa Arroyo and Michelle Osterman in this 2006-7 throwback. Thanks to a generous grant from Adobe, leaders from The City School put their digital video-making schools into action by creating this video.

July 2013 - The Matrix

Dive into the inspiration for the names "Morpheus" and "Trinity" that The City School used for its two communities in its 2013 Summer Leadership Program, named after characters in the 1999 film "The Matrix."

April 2013 - Vagina Monologues - Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes in The City School's production of The Vagina Monologues from February 16th, 2013.

February 2013 - Vagina Monologues - My Angry Vagina

Get a sense of what viewers experienced at The City School's production of the Vagina Monologues with this clip of a monologue from a different production.

September 2012 - Each One, Teach One - Haiti, 2012

Summer Leadership Program youth staff Gabie Gilbert and emerging leader Ajah Brown brought The City School to Haiti; they taught a leadership class for two weeks in the ETE camp in Hinche, Haiti, which was founded by Gabie's sister. Learn about their work through this video produced by partner organization Press Pass TV.

May 2012 - Racial Healing and Reconciliation

A group of youth of color and white youth testify to their experiences with race and racism as a tool for promoting health equity through the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center.

April 2012 - Auctioneer: Stop All The Sales Right Now!

Community members block a foreclosure auction in a court in Brooklyn, NY.

March 2012 - BNN News Report: Teens Rally for Summer Job Support

March 2012 - BNN News Interview About Youth Jobs Rally

BNN News interviews The City School youth Nicole Williams and Roy James-Daley about the February 2012 Youth Jobs Rally.

March 2012 - Leadership From a Dancing Guy