Apply to be a Staff Member for SLP 2016!

The City School is hiring full time staff members and teachers to help lead our 21st annual Summer Leadership Program. Click here to apply today! Applications are due on February 26, 2016 by midnight.

Who are we?

The City School's (TCS) mission is to develop and strengthen young people to become effective leaders for social justice. TCS is a powerful community of diverse youth, staff and board members that have one theme in common: we are committed to creating change. We offer programs that engage youth in dialogue and action about critical racial, gender, economic and queer justice issues such as criminalization, homelessness, sexism, violence and poverty. Youth build vital leadership skills, develop critical analyses of the structures of oppression and develop community organizing skills to work for change.

What is the Summer Leadership Program?

The Summer Leadership Program (SLP) is in its 21st year and is the flagship program of TCS. Each year we bring together high school youth from across Greater Boston to engage in community building, social justice learning and community action for change. A full time, seven week program, youth take seminars on key social justice issues and develop dynamic youth-led action projects.

Who is an SLP Student?

Our students come from a diverse array of geographic, racial, economic, sexual and political identities, but we center the experiences of young people of color from Boston. We are committed to building a community that is loving, accountable around power and oppression, growing, healthy and joyful.

What does an SLP Staff Member do?

All staff members are teachers, youth workers and mentors. All staff help to collaboratively lead our two and a half week retreat and intensive and youth-friendly core curriculum focused on racial, gender, economic and queer justice.

Seminar Teachers and Co-Teachers: Seminar teachers and co-teachers serve as leaders, mentors, role models and key staff people, and are vital to the success of SLP. We have witnessed youth being transformed in the course of a seminar by their teachers. Seminar teachers engage youth and staff in an ongoing dialogue and exploration of systematic oppression and movement building. They are responsible for leading a daily intensive academic seminar, and for supporting projects and events that SLP runs yearly including an opening retreat, community action projects and closing events.

Pathways Coordinators: Pathways Coordinators coordinate the Emerging Leader Program. Emerging Leaders are second-year SLP participants who run Community Action Projects. Pathways Coordinators are responsible for training, supervising and supporting Emerging Leaders to run impactful CAP groups.

Applicant Qualifications

We are seeking people who are dedicated to supporting youth to create change in their communities. Applicants should be committed to our mission of social justice, and experienced in building loving, action based communities with youth and adults.

Our staff should be skilled at working with both urban and suburban youth, and have a strong commitment and background in mentorship. Qualified teaching candidates should have a strong demonstrated knowledge in the seminar topic they are most interested in teaching. Staff must be comfortable facilitating large and small groups, and developing and teaching curriculum. We look for open, energetic, passionate people with a sense of humor. Our commitment to youth leadership means staff not only lead, but challenge and support youth to lead. As such, applicants should be comfortable working in and towards a youth led, youth owned space. Finally, staff must be team players, excel in an intense, emotional and fast paced environment, and be comfortable with group process.

Staff are required to participate in a two and a half week staff training, as well as a three day / two night student retreat.

People of color and LGBT identified people are especially encouraged to apply.

What Do We Pay?

Seminar teacher positions pay $2,000-$4,000 for 10 weeks of work at 40 hours per week. All positions begin on Monday June 13th and end on Friday August 19th. The first two weeks include staff training from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. SLP also includes a kick-off overnight retreat from June 28th to July 30th. The 10th week is spent writing program and student evaluations, but may be done so offsite with final paychecks held until evaluations are completed