Meet Our Staff!


 Amatullah Mervin

What's your favorite memory of The City School?

​My favorite memory​ of the city school is having my niece (Janessa SLP 17'') get in the car after attending the SLP retreat and explaining how much she would forever be changed from the 3 days and 2 nights she spent with her SLP cohort. It reminded me of the moment I realized youth organizing and social justice education has the power to drastically change who you are for the better.

What's something that inspires you and helps you sustain hope?

​I am a HopeJunkie! People inspire me through their struggle and resilience. 

If you could have coffee with one revolutionary, who would it be and why?

​Tupac Shakur (or all the Shakur's if possible, Afeni, Assata, let's make this a family affair!)

What's a surprising or interesting fact about you?

I can impersonate almost any accent well after hearing it a few times.

What are a few of the issues that you're most passionate about and why?

TV Show: Greys Anatomy (A show created by a dope Black woman, which makes it revolutionary in my book)

Song: Currently: Therapy by Khalid

Book: The Rose that Grew From Concrete

Poem: In the Event of My Demise by Tupac Shakur