Overview of Programs

The Summer Leadership Program (SLP) began in 1995, with SLP 2020 marking our 26th summer. The program provides teenagers with an exciting, powerful, diverse, and fun summer of community building, self rediscovery, leadership skills, action projects, internships at local nonprofits, and challenging seminars to transform themselves into powerful voices for change. 

Pathways of Change offers three career pathways for youth to develop as educators, organizers and advocates, and organizational leaders.

The Social Justice Leadership Institute (SJLI) is a program that joins student leaders from New England independent schools to learn, connect and take action with the support of our experienced multiracial staff team. The Introductory SJLI supports high school students to acquire a deeper understanding of how systems of race, class, gender and sexuality impact their lives and the lives of our peers. The Advanced SJLI supports SJLI participants to deepen their skills in student organizing and leadership, including skills like power mapping, base-building, workshop facilitation and creative and direct action.

The Social Justice Education Institute (SJEI) is a program for educators, civic leaders, youth workers, administrators, and others who want to strengthen the power of youth and explore ways to get young people to challenge themselves to take ownership of their education.

Youth Outreach Weekends (YOW) are social justice and community action retreats for young people to explore race, gender, class and sexual orientation in our communities.

The Prison Empowerment Project (PEP) sponsors dialogue about the prison system and mass incarceration among diverse groups of youth and adults inside and outside the walls of Massachusetts prisons.