Grad Profile: Roy James-Daley '10

Roy James-Daley was a participant in SLP '10 and is currently a community organizer at The Boston area Youth Organizing Project.  He is also a staff member in SLP '13 and currently serves on The City School Board of Directors.

What is your favorite memory of The City School?

When I first walked in the door, I had participated in a heavy conversation where they let the young people in the room decide who should be working at The City School. I shared that they should prioritize an alumni because an alumni is an example of TCS's goals and a product of our mission.  And that is who they hired.

How have you changed because of your first summer in SLP?

First and foremost, a good example of how I changed is that I started to define myself as an individual unlike any other, which led to me immediately changing my name to match my individuality. In addition; I learned to voice my opinion in situations where I would not have shared it before, I became more assertive in situations I knew I had to, and lastly I became more driven to do things that I wanted to do.

How have you continued your commitment to social justice beyond the Summer Leadership Program?

Since SLP I never stopped.  I am now adult support at Boston area Youth Organizing Project, and I completed the BEST Youth Worker Certification Training.

What are your plans for the future?

I have no clue.  When I was younger I just wanted to be happy. Now that I am working in this community I love what I do.  I may just continue doing it.

If you could have coffee with one social justice activist, who would it be and why?

Well for starters, I prefer to have a cup of hot chocolate.  I would enjoy having a cup of hot chocolate with Bernand Lafayette Jr.  Reason being is I had the opportunity to meet him at an educational justice conference in Washington DC and at the time I knew very little about him.  After that initial conversation I've wanted to talk with him again and hear more while he is still around.

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