Grad Profile: Marquette Welch '13

Marquette Welch '13 is currently in her second year at The City School, serving as an emerging leader. She is a rising senior at East Boston HS, and an artist who created a photo exhibit "Voices of The City School."

What is your role at The City School?

I am an Emerging Leader. I help facilitate a Community Action Project. I supervise a group of youth who work to plan an action to do with the community. It's the easiest job in the world and really fun. It's really inspiring to see youth take control and become leaders. It's literally watching them become leaders.

What inspires you to do social justice work?

I like learning. I like observing. I have this nick for learning about conspiracies. I want to learn about theories.

What made you decide to do the photography exhibit "Voices of The City School"?

I don't know people on an intimate level. The project will help me to get to know more people on personal level. Its also for youth who want to get their voice heard who normally wouldn't have the space to do so.

What have you learned from the project?

I've learned that youth go through some serious stuff.  Being able to grow in the photography field has inspired me. I've learned a lot of techniques.

What inspired you about the stories?

They are aware of what is happening in their school or jobs and they use what they learned at The City School and apply it to their life.

What is your favorite photo and why?

I really love Lucas' photo. Something about it catches my attention. It's got their glasses and you can see they are looking at something. I also like the one of Ralph because he's at the table and he's just sitting there and he's not on the computers.

If you could sit down and have tea with any social justice leader who would it be?

Malcolm X. I've been watching a lot of his speeches and videos. He had internalized racism. After being in prison for so long and then meeting one person, he changed completely and began to love himself. It was spontaneous. I just want to pick his brain about about racism on a systematic level instead of a personal level.

Anything else you want to share?

Yes, I love The City School!

Profile Created August 2014

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