Grad Profile: Giovanni Acevedo '10

Giovanni Acevedo '10 has been a long-standing member of Beantown Society, a by-youth, for-youth youth program in Jamaica Plain, and was SLP youth staff in 2011. In addition, he works as the Coordinator for Jamaica Plain Unidos-United, a network of youth-serving groups in Jamaica Plain, and is currently studying at Bunker Hill Community College.

What is your favorite memory of The City School?

Honestly there are too many to say but I would say getting away for the weekend for my first SLP retreat in 2010 and meeting a whole new group of people. The talent show, sleepness nights where we would just chill, and go crazy listening to music as a group.

How have you changed since your first summer at SLP?

I've changed completely since my first summer at SLP. Going through SLP for my first time was like having a blindfold released from my eyes. Being introduced to social justice in a sense showed me a different aspect of the world and life. I've gained maturity and life changing, life-impacting knowledge but most importantly stayed connected with a powerful and versatile network of activists.

How have you continued working for social justice beyond SLP?

Although currently I'm not working in a by youth for youth social justice organization, I still volunteer and mentor youth as much as I can, but I am also living out what I've learned, calling out injustices when I see them and ultimately standing up for truth and unity. Over the years I've come to see social justice in a bigger picture as a world view. My current job as the Coordinator of Jamaica Plain Unidos-United (JPUU) is to bring the community of Jamaica Plain stronger together as a network and to help youth find employment. Social justice is not only organizing and putting together radical movements but also educating and blessing the people with your wisdom and experience.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to build my own faith based movement and youth social justice organization, complete my college in I don't what major yet, and to create spoken word poetry and music that can provoke change, educate individuals to the point where they are forced to grow.

If you could have coffee with one social justice activist, who would it be and why?

Honestly I would say Martin Luther King Jr, seeing how much of a big impact he has had on the world and made in history. I would love for MLK to walk and talk me through the process of how it all began and what exactly from top to bottom it requires to truly start and finish a powerful movement with a greater purpose that people may not understand at the moment.

Profile Created March 2014

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