Youth Leadership, Across Difference, for Justice

Meet Our 2015-6 Youth Team!
Jordan Bonilla, Emerging Leader
East Boston High School, 9th Grade, 
SLP '15
Nelson Mandela inspires me because he came from a little prison hole and then became president, I don't know who else did that. That's inspiring. 
Rhonandhoh Abraham, Emerging Leader 
O'Bryant High School, 11th Grade 
SLP '15

An issue that I care about is racial equality because people get affected by it every day without much attention brought to it, in terms of prison sentences, every day at school and all around. It's really important to shed light on these issues and pay attention to them.

Mari Gashaw (SLP '15) is a revolutionary who inspires me, because she's so passionate about social justice and she's taught me a lot.
Betiel Brhane, Emerging Leader 
Boston International High School, 11th Grade, SLP '15 

Microaggressions are an issue that's important to me- most of the time they're forgotten, they don't affect people out in the open. But if it happens to you and you feel bad about it, you think that the problems that you face aren't that serious compared to the other problems in the world. It's wrong that we call them microaggressions because they're serious problems.

Audre Lorde is a revolutionary who inspires me; she's the best feminist. Or womanist. Or both! I connect to her a lot with her poetry and her identity. I don't get to connect a lot or even get to know about a lot of women writers. When I learned about her, it was like "yeah, this is who I want to be, like her and empowered."
Junni Nunez, Emerging Leader   
SLP '14 and '15
A community issue that matters to me is my neighborhood. Where I live at, it's not a safe environment. The police officers still being racist, like always. A lot of people are dying in our community, a lot of people that we know. My goal is trying to get my own house, and have my mom move with me.
Mariamawit Gashaw, Emerging Leader  
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School / City Term, 11th Grade, SLP '15 
 Gentrification is an issue that matters to me because I don't want to see more family and friends being displaced because of rising rent prices, and seeing people who haven't been a part of the community come in and take space that wasn't theirs. #recolonization.
My mom inspires me because she's a Black immigrant woman who is able to still raise my sister and I, and that's a struggle. 
Jamile Rios, Youth Staff 
SLP '13, '14 and '15
An issue that matters to me is what's going on in my neighborhood, with people getting pushed out.   
Kimberly Cajuste, featured last month as our Featured Grad, is our other Youth Staff.

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